Welcome to the DRIVER Support website


The DRIVER project finished in December 2009 after helping the establishment and development of the European open access repository infrastructure. However, much of the work of DRIVER is carrying on in some form. This DRIVER Support Website will continue to be maintained, although not updated, in the medium term.

Here you can access information and support relating to Open Access and digital repositories. Digital repositories can help make research information more widely available, more widely used, and improve the process of research itself. Information of interest to specific user groups is available as well as information about the DRIVER project.

DRIVER II, a project funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, was the continuation of the DRIVER project. DRIVER II extendedthe geographical coverage and moved from a test-bed to a production-quality infrastructure. D-NET, a key development of DRIVER II is now available for download from the Learn About DRIVER website.

This site holds details on the state of development of repositories in different European countries and how you can join this growing European network.

You may share information and news from your own country via the DRIVER Wiki and can benefit from the experience of others, and share your experiences, through the Mentor Service.

You can also want to suggest events or announce news on this site that other visitors may find useful.

For access to DRIVER Tools, DRIVER Search and to access and re-use the DRIVER Infrastructure please go to the DRIVER Portal http://www.driver-community.eu/.

Last updated: 04-Feb-2010