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DRIVER Tutorial and Poster at OAI6

The OAI6 Conference held at the University of Geneva 17th - 19th June 2009 offered a key opportunity for OA and repository projects and organisations around the world to meet and showcase their work and discuss future directions in the field.

DRIVER was well represented at the Conference with many partners attending and both the DRIVER Tutorial and Poster were well received by participants. The DRIVER Poster Creating national repository portals with DRIVER: easy as ABC! was presented by Inge Van Nieuwerburgh and detailed the findings of the DRIVER deliverable "Belgium as a Case Study for Best practice for National IR websites."

The DRIVER Tutorial was held on 17th June 9 - 11.30am.

Please see the conference website for the tutorial outline and profiles of speakers and conference photos.

The DRIVER Tutorial was divided into a programme of short presentations and discussion sessions to enable participants to see the range of support and services offered by DRIVER.

Presentations used during the Tutorial are listed below:


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