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Repository Managers

Information on this website for repository managers includes the DRIVER Guidelines (see below), the DRIVER Studies and the validator tool as well advice on best practice in setting up websites for national repository communities. There is further support for repository managers in the form of the DRIVER Helpdesk.

DRIVER has developed a tutorial for repository managers. The tutorial provides information on the DRIVER services and tools as well as useful information and resources developed by the wider repository and Open Access community, including podcasts and relevant links and references. This tutorial will be continually updated to reflect new developments and services by DRIVER and the community.

Although the DRIVER project has now finished as a development project (December 2009) much of the infrastructure which has been established in continuing in operation. Part of the continuation of effort in this area has been taken up by the OpenAIRE project, funded by the European Commission. OpenAIRE will continue support for stakeholders in the growth and use of the European repository network, including national support offices.

Outputs from DRIVER that continue to be of relevance in supporting repository managers include:

o DRIVER guidelines
o DRIVER studies
o DRIVER validator
o DRIVER helpdesk
o DRIVER Publications
o DRIVER Project Reports and Downloads
o DRIVER Tutorial
o DRIVER Report: Best Practice in setting up websites for national communities

The DRIVER Guidelines

Here you can find information about the DRIVER Guidelines v2.0.

For recent developments or to contribute to the future development of the Guidelines please visit the Guidelines section of the DRIVER Wiki.

If you would llke to register your repository with DRIVER please visit the "Register Your Repository" site. For this you will curently need to follow the old DRIVER Guidelines v1.0 (also found below). The latest version of the DRIVER Guidelines v2.0 will become usable by the DRIVER Validator tool from 15th March 2009.

The DRIVER Guidelines v2.0 have been translated into Japanese by DRF.

The DRIVER Guidelines v2.0 have been translated into Portuguese by DRIVER partner the Universidade do Minho.

The DRIVER Guidelines v2.0 have been translated into Spanish by RECOLECTA.

The DRIVER Guidelines v2.0 have been translated into Czech by NTK - Národní technická knihovna.

To see the old DRIVER Guidelines please click here.


In the rapidly evolving repository landscape a unified approach and implementation of repositories is needed to ensure high level interoperability and retrieval of content. DRIVER provides such a unified approach and is leading the way as the largest initiative of its kind helping to enhance repository development worldwide.

Researchers and other users of digital information systems have high expectations for the provision of digital content. Retrieval should be fast, direct, and versatile. Ideally, retrieval of full text should be just one click away. The current state of institutional repositories does not fully support these expectations. While many valuable services have been established to search and retrieve bibliographic records (metadata), the resource itself is sometimes hidden behind several intermediate pages; obscured by authorization procedures; not fully presented; or not retrievable at all.

DRIVER approaches this challenge by harvesting and processing the aggregated data and by working with developers of leading repository software. The DRIVER aggregator and associated technologies will allow DRIVER Search as well as third party search providers to provide more sophisticated searching e.g. full text only records in an efficient and timely manner. This is possible through the implementation of the DRIVER Guidelines which improve available metadata and through technologies and services developed by DRIVER to simplify the use of this metadata by service providers.

The DRIVER Guidelines are based on the DINI certification in Germany and DARE guidelines in the Netherlands with requirements specific to those networks removed. DRIVER partners involved in other repository networks, such as HAL in France and SHERPA in the UK, provided additional input to ensure that the DRIVER Guidelines are suitable for implementation by the entire European repository community.

Repository managers can assist DRIVER by offering their repository content to DRIVER after adopting the DRIVER Guidelines. Additional important information is available in the DRIVER Annexes.

The implementation of the Guidelines combined with the DRIVER technical infrastructure, allow DRIVER to provide new and innovative services - including the DRIVER search service - for users and the repository community as a whole. Implementing the Guidelines is straightforward and assistance is available from the DRIVER Guidelines Helpdesk

It is important to remember that any repository or network of repositories can benefit from DRIVER advice and information and, if compliant with the Guidelines, can be included in the DRIVER infrastructure and services. Hence, DRIVER has benefits for the global repository community and the DRIVER Guidelines and technical infrastructure are expected to influence the development of repositories and associated services worldwide.

DRIVER is working with national and regional networks to develop translations of the DRIVER Guidelines in all European languages. The DRIVER technical team will liaise with national and regional networks who wish to be included in the DRIVER infrastructure and resultant services to
minimise the effort required for such networks to meet the DRIVER Guidelines.

Last updated: 27-Oct-2011