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Repositories in Europe

As part of its work, DRIVER is collecting information on the development of Open Access digital repositories across Europe, together with the national support structures and stakeholders.

In the first phase, DRIVER completed an inventory study on the current state of repository development in Europe. Of the 27 European countries, seven appeared to have no institutional repositories, five were in the early stages of developing repositories while the remaining 15 countries had, to varying degrees, established institutional repositories. Of the repositories surveyed, the most frequently used repository software packages were GNU Eprints, DSpace, and OPUS. The full report can be downloaded here. An update to this study was carried out in DRIVER II during 2008. If you would like to learn more about this study please contact

Four National Models of repository networking have been identified as have National Support structures needed to support national development.

DRIVER has developed advice and support for those setting up national repository communities. DRIVER's Best Practice for National IR Websites has been developed based on experience by DRIVER partners and in particular based on the experience of setting up the Belgium portal

The Countries page provides information on the national picture of development in individual countries, including relevant contacts. For recent developments and local news and events in each country see the DRIVER Wiki - which allows community-based updating of its contents to reflect this rapidly changing environment.

Statistics on repositories from around the world is available from the "OpenDOAR" service which lists and classifies repositories of open access academic material. Users may search for individual repositories or may view repositories by country.

Last updated: 04-Feb-2010